Law Department


The specialization of law is one of the main branches of university study in most Arab countries, if not all of them. The society's need for this specialization comes from its development and the increase in the number of its members and their needs. Therefore, the society needs laws that regulate the relations between individuals and groups and between the state and government institutions. In order to regulate these matters, the society needs specialists in the field of law to develop, organize, manage and ensure the effectiveness of these laws in society to achieve security and justice among the members of society and its groups, and to prevent any of them from exploiting the laws to achieve our interests. At the expense of others. Thus, the law is one of the needs of the society necessary for its continuation and ensuring the rights of its members, and to ensure that society does not become a state of chaos, crimes and violations. Therefore, in this article we will learn about the field of study of the law and what is required by its study and the future of this field..